Non Adhesive Concealer


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Non-Adhesive Concealers can be worn with your bra for a smooth look. The concealers can be removed painlessly without leaving behind red marks.

• These adhesive free concealers are activated by your own body heat, just warm them in your hands for several seconds
• Avoid pain on sensitive areas with Non-Adhesive Concealer
• One pair per pack
• Nude
• One size
• 3 ¾ inches in diameter

* This product contains hypo-allergenic materials, however, for some people, sensitivity may occur
* It is recommended to take a skin test or test this product for a short time before wearing for an extended period
* In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use & wash the affected area with clean water
* Not to be used on sensitive or sunburnt skin
* Do not wear overnight

How to Use:
1. Warm the Non-Adhesive Concealer in between your hands for two seconds.
2. Place over nipple.
3. Repeat on other side.

Care & Composition
• Reusable if cared for properly by gently hand washing the with mild soap and water, air drying, and preserving adhesive with original wax paper for storage
• 100% Silicone

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