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Instantly stop falling straps!

• Strap-Mate® is the patented bra strap that magically keeps bra shoulder straps from falling.
• It attaches easily and works with any traditional bra.
• Attaches to any shoulder strap and provides a comfortable fit.
• Nude
• One Size
• 2 per pack

How to Use
1. Have a friend help place the Strap Mate®, or begin by putting on your bra with the back of the closed bra on the front of the body.

2. Attach the Strap Mate® to the back of the bra straps and adjust sliders.

3. Spin the bra around the body so the cups face forward and slide arms into straps.

Care & Composition
• Reusable if cared for properly by hand washing and air drying.
• 100% Nylon strap with plastic attachments

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