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Wear your bra with any sleeveless top without fear of flashing straps

• A convertible 3-way bra strap for cut –away shoulders, racer back or t-back, and sleeveless tops.
• No more exposed bra straps
• Attaches to any shoulder strap and provides a comfortable fit.
• 2 per pack
• Clear
• One size

How to Use
1. Have a friend help place the Strap Converter, or begin by putting on your bra with the back of the closed bra on the front of the body.

2. Attach the Strap Converter to the back of the bra straps and adjust the slider.

3. Spin the bra around the body so the cups face forward and slip arms into straps.

4. The Strap Converter can be worn in the front or back of the body to hide bra straps in any sleeveless ensemble.

Care and Composition
• Reusable if cared for properly by cleaning with a damp cloth and air dry
• 100% Clear Polyethylene strap with plastic attachments

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions .98 × 4.97 × 7.2 in