I certify that the information provided in this Application for Employment is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. If employed, any material misrepresentation or deliberate omission of a fact in my application may result in refusal of, or if employed, immediate termination from employment. I understand and agree that: ▪ I hereby release and authorize company or its agent to verify, inspect, copy, obtain records or request references from former employers, educators, schools or universities, or license or certification holders or other providers, vendors or individuals authorized to share and provide such information that pertains to the information I have provided on this application. I hereby authorize any persons requested by this company to furnish information they have on file, in their possession or can speak to concerning any of the information I have provided in this application and release such persons or concerns from any and all liability arising thereof. ▪ I authorize the company to conduct a background check, which may include any lawful investigation of my educational, criminal background, driving record, or employment history. Based on position I am applying for, a consumer credit check may also be conducted. I understand this assignment and position or continuation of such assignment or employment with company is contingent upon favorable background check results determined by senior management and human resources. I further understand that a background screen may be run at any time during my assignment or employment with company and, I consent to such. I understand that information obtained through any screens will not be used as a basis for denying employment unless it is determined to be due to job-related issues or business necessity. I also understand that omitting facts related to felony convictions can be a disqualifier for the position I am applying for or grounds for termination if discovered at a later date after offered employment. ▪ I understand and agree that employment is “at will” and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause or reason and with or without notice by either party. This application cannot be construed as a contract, a guarantee of employment, or a guarantee of continued employment. No agreement to the contrary will be effective. ▪ I further understand and acknowledge that this is an application for employment and that no employment contract is being offered, nor will any result from my employment and relationship with the company or its clients. I understand that if I am employed, such employment is for no definite period of time and that the company can change wages, benefits and conditions at any time. I further understand that submission of this application does not guarantee a position with company, nor does it guarantee an interview and I freely submit this application along with credentials with no expected outcome. ▪ I acknowledge that any oral representation or written statements, which may have been made to me to, the contrary of this paragraph are expressly disavowed and may not be relied upon. I understand and accept these as continued conditions if I am offered a position or assignment with company. ▪ This application for employment and any attachment(s) provided by an applicant become the property of the company and if hire, will be part of my personnel file if I am hired. ▪ I agree and acknowledge that no officer, manager or employee of the company is authorized to offer any contract of employment for any specific period of time. Further, no officer, manager, or employee is authorized to offer irrevocable or unchangeable terms and conditions of employment. The company reserves the right to determine the terms and conditions of employment at its sole discretion. ▪ I understand that any false information provided on this application may be cause for rejection of this application or termination at a later date if hired and, I attest that all information provided on this application is true and correct and provided to the best of my knowledge.