The First Backless Adhesive Bra for Fuller Breasts

Voluptuous Silicone Lift™

Defy gravity with our newly designed Voluptuous Silicone Lift™ Bra only from Fashion Forms®. The ultra-sticky new design keeps you feeling lifted in plunge and backless clothes for a dazzling effect.


Silicone Skin Bra

The Silicone Skin Bra is so comfortable you may forget to take it off. It is designed for breast shaping under oodles of plunging fashion choices. Ideal for backless, strapless dressing as these seamless contour cups provides under the lowest plunging necklines. 

Silicone Cleavage Enhancer

A great solution for coverage and pumped up cleavage any day of the year. The silicone material looks invisible under sheer clothing while allowing the wearer total freedom and flexibility of movement. 

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